2nd Edition, Revised Material

Bible and A Course in Miracles

The Bible and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) are among the most influential and widely-read spiritual texts in the USA. Although they have many differences, there are similarities between these two works.

Love, Healing, Forgiveness

I believe that ACIM is a sacred text and as I mentioned in my book, ACIM has taught me that the world of Spirit is the real world. Yet, what I mean by Spirit is being present in the Now - a more holistic awareness of life rather than the mind of empirical awareness.

  1. The focus on love: Both the Bible and ACIM emphasize the importance of love, and both emphasize that love is the highest virtue we can strive for. In the Bible, Jesus commands us to “love one another” (John 13:34), and in A Course in Miracles, we are reminded that “love is the only reality” (ACIM, 6:2). If Love is all there is, then we can be understood as either calling out for love or demonstrating love. Those are the only 2 states that spirit recognizes. Love is the highest form of spiritual practice.

  2. The emphasis on forgiveness: The Bible and ACIM both emphasize the importance of forgiveness. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to forgive “seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:22). In A Course in Miracles, we are encouraged to forgive “not seven times, but seventy times seven” (ACIM, 6:3). Both texts also remind us that forgiveness is essential if we are to achieve a higher state of spiritual awareness.

  3. The idea of healing: Both the Bible and ACIM emphasize the idea of healing. In the Bible, Jesus performs many miracles of healing, and in A Course in Miracles, we are reminded that healing is focused on the healing of the mind, the “natural result of letting go of fear" (ACIM, 6:4). Both texts remind us that healing is possible, and that it is essential if we are to reach our highest spiritual potential.

Just as in the 1960s-70s, people today react to something that is happening and then search the Bible for reinforcement of their reaction. This leads to misunderstanding and misuse of the Bible. Beyond that, however, I believe people misuse the Bible because they do not understand what it isn’t. It is a guide rather than an instruction manual.

Donald L. O'Dell
October 5, 2023

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